Can you blog without social media?

YES YOU CAN. Don’t believe all those people that say you need to spend 20% of your time writing your articles and 80% of your time promoting them. I am a writer. This whole website is for writers. We want to write. Not promote. Thousands of people and companies have had a lot of success … Read more

Is reddit good for blogging?

I only started using Reddit last year, and it’s probably been one of the most useful social media platforms I’ve found. You see, Reddit isn’t about building a following or creating a brand. You don’t need to curate an idealised version of yourself – the whole point is that it’s anonymous. If you get caught … Read more

Is Instagram good for blogging?

If you’ve read my post on whether you can use Facebook to get blog traffic, then you probably know that I’m not the biggest fan of Facebook. I have one page for one of of my websites and i do nothing with it. I do, however, use Instagram. I have a personal Instagram (which I … Read more

Does my blog need a facebook page?

I have several websites, and only one Facebook page, which is updated on the first never of every month. Weirdly, my plant website gets quite a bit of traffic on Facebook, despite me not making it a page and never, ever sharing even one post there. That’s not to say there’s no value to having … Read more

101 tips for new bloggers – what I wish I’d known years ago

1. Always use long links A lot of new bloggers like to register with Amazon Associates straight away. Fine fine fine. The problem comes when you don’t make a sale and get kicked out. This isn’t a problem in itself – you can just reapply. The problem is that if you used the short links … Read more

What Should a Good Blog Have?

There are a tonne of these posts out there, and whilst I think they’re useful, they can cause people to waste a lot of time implementing things that are unnecessary. It’s worth noting that you can get all of these things set up in a day. Promise. A good blog needs…a lot of great content … Read more