Why should writers have a blog?

If you’re a writer that’s struggling to get pitches accepted, or you’re trying to break into freelancing, I urge you to start a blog. And by blog I mean a website that you add valuable content to. Stop waiting for other people to notice you. Don’t take the chance that someone will magically discover you. … Read more

Are email lists worth it?

Email lists can be a great way to connect with your audience, but I don’t want to panic about growing a massive one. If your content is good, you build a loyal following, and you offer something worth signing up for, your list will grow on its own. If you get obsessed with growing your … Read more

Is reddit good for blogging?

I only started using Reddit last year, and it’s probably been one of the most useful social media platforms I’ve found. You see, Reddit isn’t about building a following or creating a brand. You don’t need to curate an idealised version of yourself – the whole point is that it’s anonymous. If you get caught … Read more

101 tips for new bloggers – what I wish I’d known years ago

1. Always use long links A lot of new bloggers like to register with Amazon Associates straight away. Fine fine fine. The problem comes when you don’t make a sale and get kicked out. This isn’t a problem in itself – you can just reapply. The problem is that if you used the short links … Read more

What Should a Good Blog Have?

There are a tonne of these posts out there, and whilst I think they’re useful, they can cause people to waste a lot of time implementing things that are unnecessary. It’s worth noting that you can get all of these things set up in a day. Promise. A good blog needs…a lot of great content … Read more