Does my blog need a facebook page?

I have several websites, and only one Facebook page, which is updated on the first never of every month. Weirdly, my plant website gets quite a bit of traffic on Facebook, despite me not making it a page and never, ever sharing even one post there. That’s not to say there’s no value to having … Read more

101 tips for new bloggers – what I wish I’d known years ago

1. Always use long links A lot of new bloggers like to register with Amazon Associates straight away. Fine fine fine. The problem comes when you don’t make a sale and get kicked out. This isn’t a problem in itself – you can just reapply. The problem is that if you used the short links … Read more

How can I do SEO for my blog?

Let me preface this with some of my stats. My house plant website receives 30,000 page views per month, most of them (a good 95%) from SEO. Which means that I didn’t have to do ANYTHING to get that traffic EXCEPT write. Isn’t that the dream for writers? No social media, no networking, no syndication, … Read more

Can I put ads on my WordPress blog?

I see this question a lot on Reddit, and I believe the confusion arrives from people signing up for rather than I started on a site, and if you even want to monetise your blog, I would recommend starting out with You can migrate your site, but I found it really … Read more

How do I get a google snippet?

I personally don’t think that it’s necessary to shoot for every Google snippet – certainly don’t compromise the quality of your post in order to get it. Google snippets are certainly desirable, but rather than designing my post to hit the snippet, I try to stick to a few formatting rules that make it more … Read more