How many posts should a blog have?

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This may seem like a weird question to more traditional bloggers, but if you’re the kind of person that likes to start a project knowing that there’s an end in sight, you’re in the right place.

There’s no right answer here. A blog can have one article, or thousands. The only difference is the potential for traffic.

Is there a maximum number of blog posts a blog can have?

No, in that you can keep adding content forever, but there’s also no requirement to keep on going.

In fact to can be a great strategy for those of you that have a few months off work. Pick a niche, write 100 posts, and leave it to grow traffic.

The original form of blogging was more like an online diary and isn’t designed to have a finish line. You just continued until you got bored.

A lot of people nowadays start websites, and then abandon them when they don’t become millionaires in a couple of weeks.

It is totally possible to plan a website from the first post to the last, and then forget about it, and leave it to grow traffic by itself. You no longer need to upload a new post every week. Google cares far more about relevance than how recently a post was published.

It’s also for this reason that I don’t recommend starting a news or entertainment site. Sites like that require updating all the time. Pick a timeless niche – a hobby, sport, book, whatever.

What’s the minimum number of blog posts a successful blog can have?

It depends on what you mean by successful.

You could technically write one really great post that ranks number one and make money from that. It’s highly unlikely though.

I would say that if you plan to have a blog with only a few posts, and you want to leave it to build traffic for a few months, I write at least 30 articles.

If you could get 1000 pageviews per article per month, you have the potential to create a full time income there, if you’ve got some good affiliate products and ideas for selling your own products.

Is it possible to finish a blog?


I plan most of my websites to have certain number of articles (100). Then I can just leave them to create passive income for me, and move onto to making another site.

In reality, I always end up thinking of more ideas.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted your niche topic, then feel free to leave your blog. You could even leave it to grow its traffic and then sell it. Niche websites sell for a lot of money.

Why it can help to think about the last blog post before you write the first one

Considering every single article that you’re going to write ensures that you don’t miss out any of the topics in your niche.

Sometimes you may come across topics that you can’t rank for, so previously disregarded. These are still writing, but you need to make sure you’re linking to them from your popular articles.

Writing articles that you can’t rank for is helpful to your users. They may like the way you explain things, or just prefer your writing style.

I like to get the small keyword articles that I can rank for written first, so that they can start to rank. Then I go back and write a few articles that need to be on my site. I have an articles on taking care of orchids that will NEVER rank on my site, but it would weird if it wasn’t there. it only gets a few pageviews, but they’re increasing every month.

Does the number of posts a blog has affect SEO?


If you write 100 articles about lawns, Google can be pretty certain that you know a lot about lawns. In fact if you’re the only website in the world that has 100 articles on lawns, Google will rank you far more quickly than if you have ten.

Does the number of posts a blog has affect the amount of traffic it can receive?

Every article you write means that you have one more chance at being found on Google.

If you have ten articles that get 100 views per month you’ll get 1000 views. If you have 100 articles, you’ll have 10,000 views.

It’s common sense, but you’d be shocked by the number of people that wonder why their ten post blog is only getting a handful of page views.

Final thoughts on how many posts a blog should have

If you have a great idea for a website, but you think it only requires 30 articles, absolutely do it, especially if you have a couple of weeks to create them. You may come back to it next year and find a tonne of traffic.

Setting an article limit can be really good for those of us that struggle with the idea of working on a project with no end in site.

I actually like to set myself milestones. First I challenged myself to write 30 blog posts in two months. Then 50 by halloween. 100 by Christmas.

Currently, I have the idea to make my house plant site article count up to 350. It’ll be a fun challenge, and I’m interested to see how high I can get my traffic to grow.

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