work with me


Do you already have a blog with a load of posts but no traffic? Send a link to with the subject line ‘plz help my website’ and I’ll take a look at it and send you my thoughts FOR FREE. FREE. I don’t have a course or anything, so this isn’t a sales funnel-type thing.



It’s also not a devious way of collecting emails – you won’t be added to a list.


If you didn’t already know, creating blog content is a great way to get traffic to your site AND if you use SEO as your main method of getting pageviews, then that traffic is already looking for you – they didn’t just end up your site.

But writing blog posts isn’t something everyone can do. Creating long-form, SEO-optimised content that ranks is a skill that can take years to learn. Even then, a decent blog post can take days to produce.

If you need a few blog posts to get you going, then hit me up. I can create 10 blog posts (or as many as you like) to get you going and hold your hand as much as you require.

Email me here so we can get started. £1000 per 10 blog posts, but I’m flexible depending on your needs.

I can also create Pinterest and other social media graphics, but to be honest, just shoot me an email and I can show you how to do that yourself.