My 100% free Pinterest Strategy (no Tailwind)

1. Use Pinterest’s free scheduling feature 2. Set up a spreadsheet with links, description, title, and date pinned 3. Five pins per day 4. Pin other people’s pins like a regular user First things first: I don’t recommend using this method until you have 50+ articles, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Pinterest (and watching … Read more

Does Pinterest traffic convert?

If you’ve ever searched for ‘how to increase blog traffic’, you’ll have heard about Pinterest. For a good four years, you couldn’t move in the blogging world without someone selling you a Pinterest course. This is not a Pinterest bashing article. Pinterest can be an incredible way to drive traffic to your blog, but it … Read more

Is AdSense worth it?

Ah, Adsense. So may bloggers are excited to get accepted to Adsense and FINALLY make some money. This article isn’t bashing Adsense. They pay out, and you will probably need to be accepted by them because other ad networks require that you have an Adsense account in good standing (whatever that means) in order to … Read more